About us

Hello, and welcome to Bright Dog Inspiration!

We are passionate about bringing inspiration and a smile to our customer's day.  In this world of negativity we all need a moment of hope and peace, and the products we curate here keep that in mind.

What will you find here?  We have  

  • Gift ideas for life's challenging times (like cancer or divorce ).  
  • Presents to help celebrate joyful events like weddings, new babies, and first communion.  
  • Unique ideas to send for holidays, or "just because."
  • And because we have pugs, a selection of pug giftware too.  (It brings us a smile.)

Some gift ideas are faith-based, and some are simply to bring a smile.  And because we know some of the best gifts in life are free, our Pinterest board will give some ideas that won't cost you a penny!

Why did we name the store Bright Dog Inspirations?  Our dog Gigi's antics brighten each day and remind us to look for the good.  We want to do the same for you.


We also like the idea that we are "fetching" the best gifts and inspirations for our customers.  (Gigi doesn't fetch, but we hear some dogs do!)  

This is a new business.  Our company opened late 2014, and we created this focus on inspirational products in early 2016.  We look forward to serving you.

Want to know more?  You can reach us at: