Our 2018 Year of the Dog Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

by Beth Breidenbach February 02, 2018

The Year of the Dog is Coming!

Show off your four-footed friend

The Chinese New Year starts February 16, and (hooray!) we're ringing in the Year of the Dog.  

We won't see a Year of the Dog again until the year 2030, so let's make the most of it.  

Cool Pug Gear

Want to show off your pug for this Chinese Zodiac?  Here's some swag you'll enjoy.  

Chinese New Year Pug Shirt


Let's start with a shirt - our Year of the Dog 2018 pug shirts are selling fast - here's one example! (Click to see them all)

Chinese New Year of the Dog Pug Mug

Cool Mug

Or you can keep it simple, with our awesome ceramic mug.




Year of the Dog Sticker


Want to get the kids into the act?  They'll love one of our stickers. (Note: these are sold on TeePublic.com)


Plan a Party

Some of our friends are planning a Chinese New Year party, complete with photo booth.  Here's a kit we put together with suggested party goodies over on Kit.com:

Have Fun

For  dog lovers like us, the Year of the Dog is the perfect year to celebrate our furry friends.  Spend some time with your favorite pup and celebrate!

Gigi is celebrating by taking a nap - but as soon as she wakes up we're going to have a blast.

Beth Breidenbach
Beth Breidenbach


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